Finding the ethical flower – with Australia’s ABC Radio

Blueprint is a weekly lifestyle programme on ABC Radio, the national broadcaster for Australia. Hosted by journalist Jonathan Green, it takes the prime Saturday morning slot and is described as ‘a weekly rummage through the essential cultural ingredients โ€” design, food, travel, gardens, fashion โ€” for a good life’. This week Jonathan interviewed our project co-lead Dr Jill Timms about the global cut flower industry, what consumers should be asking and the work of our Sustainable Flower Project. This is how they describe the piece…

Much has been made about the importance of ethically and sustainably consuming food and textiles, but what about flowers? They are, after all, an agricultural product (and a labour and resource intensive one at that).

Sociologist Jill Timms has been researching the ecological and human impacts of the global cut flower industry for over a decade. She joins Blueprint to figure out what a ‘sustainable flower’ might look like.

To find out more about where and how to source sustainable flowers, find Dr Timms’ beginners’ guide here.

Find more Blueprint via the ABC Listen app or wherever you get your podcasts.Duration: 14min 54secBroadcast: Sat 15 May 2021, 9:06am