Sustainability In Small-scale Flower Production


This week our own Dr David Bek attended the annual Flowers from the Farm Conference to share some insights from our research with small-scale grower florists.

David presented some of the insights from our research, including advice on how to including some of the key principles for developing a British standard for sustainable flowers.

Remember you can download our free sustainability guide for florists from this website by following this link!

David also co-organised a lunchtime breakout talk with Angela Coulton from Petal & Twig on the theme Sustainability Issues in Small-scale Flower Production.

More than 60 people turned up, which shows terrific interest and engagement. Clearly, there is a real desire to advance the sustainability agenda within Flowers from the Farm and to become a trend-setter for the whole horticulture industry.

Thanks to the many who filled in our survey – we will post the results on the website soon.

Angela Coulton from Petal & Twig during the lunchtime breakout talk on Sustainability Issues in Small-scale Flower Production.

Another highlight was Shane Connolly’s demonstration and we were particularly pleased to see him emphasising the need for sustainable practice in floristry by quoting HRH the Prince of Wales:

For (change) to happen as many people as possible, across all cultures and languages, must understand the natural world and our place within it. We are Nature ourselves”