2020 Workshop

Resilience and Sustainability in Global Cut-flower Supply Chains

Our third multi-stakeholder workshop of the Global Cut-Flower Production Network Project took place on 10 December 2020 via the online Teams platform. This had to be postponed from the original plans of meeting in May 2020, where the Dutch Flower Council were intending to host the event. This needed to be changed not only due to the global Coronavirus pandemic making travel impossible, but also as many of our stake-holders were facing serious challenges and threats to their business. However, we were very keen where appropriate and possible to draw together our key stake-holders to share ideas for coping with the challenges and to make plans for working together to overcome these through the development of more resilient supply chains in the future. Work is now being done to take these plans forward after a significant level of interest from the group and a prioritising of their continued work on the project with Coventry University.

Download the full 2020 workshop report here ▸