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Sustainable Cut-flowers Research Project

This newly released video (Feb 2021) outlines the key sustainability challenges confronting the cut-flower industry. Our project stakeholders discuss how their organisations are responding. Featuring: Fairtrade Foundation, Fleurametz, Women Working Worldwide, British Florist Association, Petal and Twig, Lavender Green Flowers, Intaba Flowers. Click here

Green Gowns Awards 2019: Showcasing the impacts of our ‘Sustainable Cut Flowers Project’

‘The Sustainable Cut-flowers Project’: Why is sustainability important in the cut-flower industry and how is this project helping the industry to address sustainability risks? This 2 minute video, which was evidence for the 2019 Green Gown Awards, showcases the perspectives of our project stakeholders. Click here

Dr. David Bek, Keynote Address: ‘Sustainable Gardens and Viable Businesses.
What is Sustainability and why does it matter to the horticultural industry?’, Given to the Horticultural Trades Association Conference, November 2019. Click here .

Dr. David Bek, Keynote Address: ‘Sustainability and what it means for Horticulture’,
at AIPH Conference, 2nd April 2019, Nordwijk, Holland. Click here

‘Sustainable Business is Good Business’.
This video promotes an online course we have developed about sustainability. The course considers what sustainability means in practice and how being sustainable is good for business. South African fruit, wine and flower producers provide insights into their day-to-day approach to sustainability. Project partners include: Tesco, Woolworths (SA), WWF-SA, Wieta, SIZA and Coventry University. Click here

‘Sustainable Flowers: A cut above or a cut below?’
From Coventry University’s Green Week, March 2016. Click here

‘Sustainable Wild Flower Harvesting in Fynbos Landscapes’.
This playlists of videos showcases sustainability risks and how they can be managed in the commercial picking of wild-flowers in South Africa. Click here