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14th October 2021 – The Path to Sustainability in Ornamental Horticulture

Feature article in Floraculture International detailing Dr. David Bek’s keynote address at the recent AIPH Sustainability Conference. David discussed the impacts of climate  change on horticulture, outlined measures being taken by theindustry and called for  concerted action across the industry to tackle the issues head-on.

Read the article here: Path to Sustainability 2021

2nd September 2021 – Climate Change is Here

Dr. David Bek writes for Floraculture International magazine about the impacts of climate change upon the horticultural industry in light of the recent IPCC report. He emphasises the need for rapid action to tackle the unfolding crisis.

Read the article here: Climate Change is here

27th August 2021 – How green is your bouquet? The new eco-friendly mindset in floral design

This article in the Financial Times quotes from the Coventry University Sustainable Cut-flowers project in the context of debates about sustainable bouquet making. 

Read the article here: How green is your bouquet? The new eco-friendly mindset in floral design Financial Times

6th July 2021 – Promoting more resilient cut-flower supply chains

Coventry University have worked in partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation, MM Flowers,  Fairtrade Africa, the Co-op, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Coventry University, Food Network for Ethical Trade (FNET), Partner Africa, and Women Working Worldwide on a project seeking to improve resilience in cut-flower supply chains in light of the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. A report from the project focuses upon the policy interventions required to better support workers and improve the sector’s resilience.

Read the report here: Recommendations for building fairer and more sustainable flower supply chains

15 May 2021 Finding the ethical flower with ABC Radio

Our project co-lead Dr Jill Timms speaks to journalist Jonathan Green, on ABC’s lifestyle programme Blueprint – Australia’s national radio broadcaster.

Listen to the podcast here, as they discuss their love of flowers, the challenges of global flower supply chains and what consumers should be asking before buying.


5th May 2021 – The Environmental Impact of Flowers? Not so Rosy

Journalist Ros Davidson investigates the environmental impacts of the cut-flower industry and draws upon research from the Coventry University research project as well as interviews with Dr. Jill Timms and Dr. David Bek.

Read the article here: The Environmental Impact of Flowers? Not so Rosy

4th February 2021
Adapting to climate change or being proactive in reducing its onset

Dr. David Bek discusses sustainability challenges in the horticultural sector in the latest issue of ‘Floraculture International’ magazine. He argues that the horticulture industry needs to cut emissions to reach the UN’s 1.5-degree pathway rather than work out how to live with it.

Read the full article (pdf) here ▸

28th January 2021
Covid-19: How Fairtrade and partners are helping flower workers flourish

Tomilola Ajay discusses how, with support from UK aid, the Fairtrade Foundation is working with partners to build hope in the flower sector and protect thousands of Kenyan flower workers and their families from the impacts of Covid-19.

Read the full article here ▸

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The Sustainable Cut-flowers Project is co-led by Dr David Bek and Dr Jill Timms at the Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University. You can watch a brief video to learn more about our project here.

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Green Gown Awards 2019
In November 2019, our project was ‘highly commended‘ in the category ‘Research with Impact (Institution)’ at the Green Gown Awards UK & Ireland in Glasgow. Read more about the commendation in the brief press release.